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Rubiks Cube 3D Simulator


Cube puzzle hologram - a simulator 3D laser projection using the camera and flash! The game appears on the screen image of a glowing puzzle, turn on the camera, flash, flashlight, and it seems that the surface is shining 3D image of the popular puzzle games! Playing in a cube-Rubik, pick a face in the correct sequence. An easy way to learn how to assemble all the combinations - learning algorithm puzzle. Puzzle - a hologram simulation of the famous Rubiks cubes. Make fun of friends by showing them a hologram of the cube on the screen!Not far off is the day when the modern gadgets will be able to any projection of 3D images, and possibly committing 3D video calls, but so far we can only dream about it.Attention! Hologram puzzle cube - just a joke! The camera phone can project images on any surface! Phone is not a device for generating laser puzzle - its just a simulator, a joke!